Empowering You to Find Serenity Within

“I specialize in empowering spiritually and holistically minded professional women entrepreneurs and leaders to move from struggling with stress, anxiety or depression to experiencing a greater sense of balance and fulfillment.”

– Antoinette Engelke, HHP

"Soaring to Source from Stress to Serenity"

Wellness & Clarity coaching for Holistic and Spiritually Minded Professional Women

Life-changing transformations in 3 key ways

Reduce Chronic Stress

Let go of chronic stress and embrace rejuvenation.

Experience the transformative power of harmonizing your brain and heart, finding respite and relief along the way.

Empower your Mind

Reframe your mindset and reclaim control.

Embrace positivity and resilience as you confidently shape your life's path

Rekindle Joy and Vitality

Ignite your inner spark and embrace life's vibrancy.

Experience renewed joy and passion, seizing each moment with vitality

Say good bye to overwhelming stress, negative thinking and welcome a life filled with reduced stress levels, positive thoughts, and a vibrant zest for living once more.

Antoinette Engelke, HHP

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Health / Life Coach

About Your Coach

Hi, I'm Antoinette

For over 25 years, I have wholeheartedly pursued my passion for natural healing. With certifications in Herbalism and Reiki as well as a bachelor's degree in holistic health sciences, I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge. Currently, I am pursuing my master's and PhD in natural medicine to further enhance my expertise.

Beyond my commitment to healing, horses have been an integral part of my life. Drawing from this deep connection, I have leased the magnificent Lilly to Praying Hands Ranch, where she can assist others in their journey of natural healing.

I have guided numerous individuals towards better health. Now I am expanding my offerings to include additional modalities such as heart-brain coherence meditation.

Together, we can soar like eagles and unlock your true health potential. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


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"I have dealt with depression and anxiety to varying degrees my whole life attempting to manage it with therapy, antidepressants, even self medicating at times. During a recent major depressive episode, I sought out Antoinette's help. Antoinette possesses highly attuned listening skills, natural intuition and mastery of knowledge in her field. She was able to see where I was at and what techniques she needed to teach me, providing me with a concrete repertoire of coping skills to help me shift my attitudes, feelings and nurture resilience. During each session, she would build upon the previous one, providing me with research based evidence while showing me easy to do techniques that work as long as I dedicate some time and effort to practice them daily. I appreciated her weekly encouraging texts and progress checks to help me stay on track. Our work together has been a critical component to my recovery process, empowering me to achieve the peace and renewed zest for life I have been searching for."

- Sarah R

"When I first started with Antoinette's HeartMath program my readings were off the chart bad. I needed to do something to help me with my stress and anxiety. I had been in survival mode for so long I had become numb to it. It wasn’t until we sat down and looked at my chart that I realized I needed help. I didn’t want to go to a doctor to only be prescribed an antidepressant or sent to a therapist. After talking with Antoinette I knew there was a more holistic approach. We have been doing one on one sessions for 4 weeks and I just redid my self evaluation. The numbers are drastically different. Looking at the two side by side, you’d think it were two different people. That’s how drastic the results are. This is all because of HeartMath and Antoinette's coaching and support. I had a situation come up where I used a HeartMath technique to prepare myself and was able to use a different HeartMath technique during the situation to help me reset. With this particular stressful situation I was able to stay grounded and at ease. I didn’t get wrapped up in the chaos around me, which in result gave a positive audit. These techniques are so important to keep my energy up and not become depleted and have helped me power through some tough situations and personal emotions. Having Antoinette’s guidance through each technique is absolutely necessary. She will see different angles and suggest ideas that may work better. I truly appreciate her understanding my needs and what works with me. Having this personalized experience has been life changing. I do have more to learn and I am excited to have Antoinette as my health and life coach."

- Amanda J

"I have found that Antoinette has a wealth of knowledge and techniques to share about living a consciously healthy lifestyle. The information I learned from her about the three brains and the microbiome helped me gain insight into my sugar cravings and essentially, I was able to eliminate them all together. I also find her breathing techniques to be incredibly valuable when I am struggling to fall asleep or when my emotions seem to be getting the best of me. They help me get back to my center and feel grounded again, which when trying to fall asleep is critical for me."

-Deana D

"Antoinette has a kind, patient way about her. It was wonderful to work with her as she taught me variations of HeartMath technique to use on a daily basis to calm myself, when the workday gets to overwhelming. Thank you Antoinette"

- Chantelle D.

Throughout my day, both at work and play, I encounter many sneezes and handshakes. I rely on Antoinette's Herbal Supplements to keep me at the top of my game, whether as preventive maintenance – I use Immunity, or to combat a bug, ache or pain. A few doses, and symptoms vanish and I am back 100%. Antoinette's all natural and organic supplements work wonders for all manner of ailments. And her supplements can help you ease your dependence from prescription medications and expensive therapies – Depression? Hormone Replacement Therapy? High Cholesterol? Schedule a consultation with Antoinette and explore your options.

Lisa Nation, LMT

Touch Massage Therapy

"Antoinette is an amazing herbalist. I have been using her drops, specifically the detox and stress relief. I also follow her health plan which helped me lose a good 10 pounds. I now have incorporated her healthy ways with my natural habits and have been able to maintain my weight which has never been attainable for me, always being on a diet or trying to lose weight then gaining and losing..that vicious cycle. Highly recommend a first consultation and see what she is all about"

- Karissa P

"Antoinette's remedies are magical. Anytime I have a little illness I use her drops and start feeling better after only 30 minutes. Definitely worth a try for anyone and everyone"

- Cam W.

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